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Collapse Maximizing Your Pet Company

Business valuation has been described as “a combination of art and science”.  But what does that really mean? In this webcast, we will address not only the familiar aspects of business value such as revenue growth and profitability, but also the more intangible drivers of value such as systems and processes, brand and governance. We will discuss the practical and actionable steps you can take as a CEO, business owner, or senior executive to drive more value in your company.

Attendees will learn:

  • Valuation trends in the pet industry
  • Key business value drivers and how these apply to your business
  • How to distinguish and differentiate your company as an industry leader
  • FIVE steps you can take to increase your company’s value in just 90 days

Join two industry veterans as we share ideas, stories and tips for success.

Carol Frank is a 30 year pet industry veteran and the nation's foremost guru in pet industry mergers and acquisitions and the author of the book "Do As I Say, Not As I Did!  Gaining Wisdom in Business through the Mistakes of Highly Successful People".

Shina Culberson is President of Quist Valuation and has over 20 years of experience valuing privately-owned businesses and working with business owners to prepare for owner transition, exit strategies, complex estate tax valuations and employee retention.

Formats Available: Live Webcast
Original Webcast Date: October 24, 2017
MORE INFOMORE INFO Maximizing Your Pet Company
Collapse New Trump Administration on International Business: Concerns and Opportunities
For: Companies involved in pet products on a global basis who are looking to gain a good sense of the new administration’s agendas, failures and successes, and anticipated future actions that will impact business opportunities.

The Trump Administration arrived in January and has moved aggressively on a number of fronts, has had numerous defeats and is stalled in a number of areas.  The focus of this webcast is to provide a summary and review of the new administration’s role in international business.

The webcast will be contemporary in context of information made available as of October 17, 2017 and will offer an educated brief into the expectations around global business, both in the near future and for the balance of Trump’s tenure as President. 

We will delve into the overall political and economic agendas and how they will impact the new administration’s effectiveness, as it relates to global business.

Key Topics Discussed:
The United States’ general impact(s) on international business 
Overview of the Trump agenda
Successes, failures and stalled initiatives
Opportunities and areas of potential concern
Impact of terrorism and cybersecurity
The opportunities in international business: Overseas investment, global sourcing and export sales
Ten key factors in leveraging opportunity with the new Trump Administration
Key Countries Reviewed: Russia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Germany, Mexico and China
Key Topics Covered: NAFTA, Trans Pacific Partnership, World Trade Organization, 
C-TPAT/Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism

Formats Available: Live Webcast
Original Webcast Date: October 26, 2017
MORE INFOMORE INFO New Trump Administration on International Business: Concerns and Opportunities

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