This is the second in a series of four webcasts presented by Dr. Chris Kuehl, Managing Director at Armada Corporate Intelligence, on the economic impact of the coronavirus. 

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has been global and is changing constantly.  There is new data and fresh observation every day as parts of the economy react to the shifts.  We will comment on these changes and keep track of the progress, or the lack of it.  The world is facing a recession.  The questions now are how long will it last and how severe will it be?  When can a recovery be expected and how likely is a rapid recovery?  The answers to these questions will vary from day to day.

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April 14, 2020 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Coronavirus Economic Impact Series Part 2: Update on the Economy
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Dr. Chris Kuehl  [ view bio ]
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