On a Fast Growth Trajectory? Making Smart Decisions that will Prevent Growth from Hijacking your Business

As they say, "Grow or Die.”  It’s the entrepreneur’s mantra and at the core of C-level decision-making in businesses of all sizes and across every sector of the economy.  And yet our romance with high growth can lead to big, hard-to-manage challenges when its velocity stresses capacity, capabilities and competency.  Quality can suffer and our attention to customer service could lose center stage.  We might temporarily compromise sales or pricing discipline to get that big order we’ve always wanted.  Or concede important company values in hiring because good people are hard to find. 

Given all the challenges of high growth, and the excitement that comes with it, how can we rapidly scale operations, maintain health customer relationships, and beat our competitors? Join Sean Hutchinson and Rob Johannigman of SVA Value Accelerators and moderator Carol Frank as you learn how to successfully guide your pet company through periods of high growth.  Sean and Rob (former co-owner of Loveland Pet Products) now advise other business owners on strategy, growth and value acceleration.  Takeaways include:

  • The aspects of an intentional growth strategy
  • The next-right-customer approach to growth
  • How growth could actually decrease the value of your company
  • Three crucial principles for a thriving growth culture
  • Growth thresholds and access to capital
  • War stories from business leaders who have been through it
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June 16, 2020 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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On a Fast Growth Trajectory? Making Smart Decisions that will Prevent Growth from Hijacking your Business
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Carol Frank  [ view bio ]
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