Eyes on Inventory 2020: The Pet Industry is GREAT, if You Can Reset Your Inventory

Inventory management is all about balancing supply and demand.  In the best of times, it’s a challenge, especially in a high-growth industry like pet products.  In post COVID-19 2020, seemingly impossible. 

Sales forecasts need a hard reset, and likely a rolling reset for months to come.  Inventory supply is a tale of constrained availability, unreliable delivery, and escalating transport fees.   Knowing you’re on track to maintaining the right amount of inventory to avoid stock-outs (losing customers to competitors) while keeping excess inventory in check (preserving cash) allows you to focus on your business re-start with confidence.

We will share a suite of pet industry inventory performance benchmarks that you can use to conduct an “inventory health check” on your own business and learn about techniques to improve.  The pet products industry grew by 43.4% in the last four years, nearly 32% in the last year alone.1   Americans will continue to spend on their pets, quite possibly with new enthusiasm in Q3 and Q4.

Join this “Eyes on Inventory 2020” webcast to ensure you’re ready for the upside and back to growth – with control that translates to the bottom line.

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May 19, 2020 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Eyes on Inventory 2020: The Pet Industry is Great, if you can Reset Your Inventory
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Russ Graf  [ view bio ]
Anne Patterson  [ view bio ]
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