Breaking Into the Millennial Mind - Strategies for Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging

Breaking Into the Millennial Mind takes a deep dive into this generation’s persona by exploring what’s going on in Millennials’ head, hearts and pockets. 

APPA invites you and your colleagues to participate in this fun, informative webcast where you will learn how to break into the Millennial mind and bridge generational gaps in the workplace.

What are they thinking?  What motivates them?  How can pet product companies attract them into manufacturing, production and supply chain positions?  How can pet product companies keep them long-term?  By unpacking these questions, you will gain the insight to understand a generation that’s behaving unlike any before them.

Some of the Millennial trends we’ll explore include: 

  • Work-life integration vs. work life balance
  • Collaboration:  two heads are always better than one
  • Capitalism with a conscience:  spending to evoke positive change
  • The search for meaning: working to make a difference
  • Crowd-sourced decision making:  tapping into the collective consciousness
  • The end of ownership: living in the shared economy

Whether you’re struggling with recruiting, retention, retaining, motivation or marketing, Breaking Into the Millennial Mind will arm you with the tools you need to connect with this influential demographic.

Webcast Information
Date Presented:
June 16, 2016 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour, 15 minutes
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Breaking Into the Millennial Mind - Strategies for Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging
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Scott Zimmer   [ view bio ]
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