The Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Selling their Business
Are you inching towards retirement or exit from your pet company? Fortunately valuations paid for pet businesses remain extremely high, so it is still an excellent time to consider a sale of your business in the next few years.  For those on this road out, wouldn’t it be great to learn from the mistakes other sellers have made and avoid them in your exit -- so you leave with more profit, less brain damage and greater satisfaction? Learn from two M&A experts on how to keep the process of preparing and selling your business from being the filled with time sinkholes or costly detours and delays. This webcast will be full of stories, lessons learned, and practical tips.   
Carol Frank is a 30 year pet industry veteran and the nation's foremost guru in pet industry mergers and acquisitions and the author of the book "Do As I Say, Not As I Did!  Gaining Wisdom in Business through the Mistakes of Highly Successful People".

Pamela Dennis, PhD is an internationally known Organizational Development Consultant and the author of the acclaimed new book "Exit Signs: The Expressway to Selling Your Company with Pride and Profit".
Among many pearls of wisdom, we will explore:
  • How lack of planning will result in leaving money on the table.
  • How to assess your own readiness to sell.
  • Are you grounded in reality with respect to how much the market will pay for your company?
  • Why a "DIY" approach will cost you way more then you will save.
  • Why skeletons MUST come out of your closet before the sale process begins.

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December 01, 2016 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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The Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Selling their Business
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